Food for Thought

There’s something to be said about the power of the human mind. At the risk of sounding like a pompous old geezer, I truly believe the brain is a wondrous tool that can be used to cultivate our curiosities and explore exciting avenues. For example, I like to take a few minutes out of each day to consider something new and thought-provoking. Lately I’ve been thinking about what my name will be attached to in future years. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, consider the following. We automatically associate the Dalai Lama with Buddhism, Sidney Crosby with hockey, and JK Rowling with Harry Potter. Each of these individuals has something so uniquely them that if I reversed the situation and asked which famous person you would associate with these three topics, you would probably come up with the same people. I don’t necessarily want to reach the same degree of celebrity, but you can’t blame me for wondering. I could brand myself as an up-and-coming fashion designer, follow through with the dream of becoming a renowned travel writer, or blossom into a powerful sports agent. I could dedicate my time to charity work, find wild success as a juggler, or put all my effort into becoming the best daughter my parents could ask for. The possibilities are endless!

Let’s put the spotlight on you now. I’d like to ask you to perform a mental exercise with me. Take thirty seconds to reflect on your life and your accomplishments. Consider your school life, your job, your hobbies, and your family. Think about one overarching topic people would associate you with. Got it? Good. Now ask yourself this question: “Am I happy with being thought of as this type of person?” If the answer is yes, congratulations – you’re way ahead of the curve. If the answer is no, this is where my point comes into play: if you’re not satisfied with the light in which you’re portrayed, change it. There’s no time like the present (or so I’ve heard).

Wasn’t that fun? Just thought I’d throw in a bit of motivational advice. Hope you learned something about yourself from it.

As I lie in bed at 12:30am typing this post and snacking on a brownie from Starbucks (hey, we all have to indulge sometimes), it occurs to me that I’m not the coolest 20-year-old. While most of my roommates and classmates are out drinking and engaging in general debauchery, I’m doing what I do best: sitting in my bedroom, writing, with Maroon 5 playing in the background and a tall glass of water on my nightstand. I have a lot on my mind tonight, dear reader, but mostly I’m thinking about you. I wonder where in the world you are. Are you curled up on your couch after a long day at work, reading this on your laptop or smartphone and wondering if perhaps my brownie is laced with somethin’ special? (FYI, Mom, it isn’t.) Did you sleepily stumble across this page while nursing your morning cup of joe, only to realize it’s too early to try and make sense of my nonsensical ramblings? Or maybe you’re a friend or family member who I’ve harassed time and time again to glance over my blog. Whatever the case may be, I’d like to sincerely thank you for stopping by. It means a lot. At the very least, I hope I’ve given you a few minutes of pleasurable reading. If not…well, that’s what the comments section is for. Please be honest – I can take it!

Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Food for Thought

  1. Alia says:

    Keep writing college-kid. Excited to see what your name will be attached to! This reader is freezing in a small room with a bed in a hospital in Toronto and was very impressed with your musings. Much love, A

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