Try This: Healthy & Creamy Vegan Pasta Sauce!


The pasta sauce tastes like cashews and potatoes – a winning combo.

I’m not vegan, but my body thanks me when I eat like one.

Veganism (refraining from consuming animal products such as meat as well as animal by-products such as dairy and eggs) has become quite trendy over the past few years. Many clothing stores now sell graphic shirts containing quotes about being vegan, while some restaurants seem to advertise their vegan food options in order to attract more customers, rather than because they believe in those principles. But for those who sincerely follow the vegan lifestyle, their drastic diet changes have appeared to make noticeable differences to their health, weight, skin, hair and even mood. This, combined with my mild lactose intolerance to things such as cheesy pasta sauces, is why I decided to try out my very first vegan recipe: vegetable- and potato-based pasta sauce.

Since yesterday was Easter Sunday, I wanted to do something nice for my family and cook them a healthy and tasty dinner. I’m happy to report that the two dishes I made went over really well! For the salad I went a bit crazy and decided to lightly sauté chopped green beans and mushrooms in olive oil and then add raw grape tomatoes and cashews. For the main dish, I found an awesome vegan mac and cheese recipe from Vegan Yumminess (find it here), but later decided that whole wheat penne pasta would be a bit fancier. I made the entire box of penne since we like to send everyone home with leftovers, which meant tweaking the recipe slightly by accommodating for a different type of pasta and doubling the amount of each ingredient. I blended together the potatoes, carrots, onions, cashews, and coconut milk, mixed in some basil, and minutes later we had ourselves a creamy, nutty and very flavourful pasta sauce!


Healthy, colourful and flavourful. What’s not to love?

(Note: I didn’t have nutritional yeast flakes, garlic powder or paprika at home, but the pasta sauce still turned out wonderfully.)

Whether you use macaroni or penne, this recipe is totally worth a try. It’s quick, easy and definitely appears fancier than it really is. Try it the next time you have people over and enjoy the compliments that come with it! 😉

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