Struggling With Thinning Hair? Read This.

Happy Thursday, readers! Let’s get straight to business. Today’s topic is a touchy one: hair loss. Whether you recently underwent chemotherapy, have alopecia areata (bald spots) or are experiencing genetic hair loss, you know how tough this issue can be to resolve. In my case, my parents noticed I was losing hair along my hairline when I was about 15 years old. As the hair loss continued into my late teens and my medical tests still came back normal (other than a discovery of anemia), doctors and dermatologists put me on countless pills and serums that were supposed to increase hair growth. Every professional I went to suggested it was caused by stress, even though I didn’t think I was more stressed out than other kids my age. I waited around for some miracle cure to fall at my feet, but it never did. Recently, it has dawned on me that the only person who can help me is me, whether that means fixing the problem or simply covering it up (keep in mind that new hairs usually take a long time to grow back).

With that said, this post is not an opportunity for me to ramble on about the woes of having thinning hair. Instead, it’s an opportunity for me to help those of you with similar problems as I understand how embarrassing, frustrating and intimidating hair loss can be! Apart from exercising more, getting enough sleep, applying castor oil to my scalp, and taking biotin pills, all of which have actually led to new hair growth, I’ve been using a product that mimics the appearance of a full head of thick hair.

A hairstylist introduced me to SureThik Hair Thickening Fibers in 2012, and believe me when I tell you that this product is life-changing. In reality, it’s a tube of hair-coloured keratin hair fibers that sit on your scalp and fill in thinning spots. In my mind, however, it’s a little lifesaver that simultaneously boosts my confidence and prevents strangers and family members from commenting that they can see my scalp. (Thanks, guys.) You can find it online and at hair salons. If you don’t overuse it (i.e. dumping an excess amount onto your scalp), the medium tube ($27) should last you about 8-10 uses. I simply shake the product over the areas along my hairline where you can see my scalp, and voila! Thicker-looking hair, instantly. (PS: If you do need this product, it’s worth the slightly inflated price tag).

In terms of getting my hair to grow back, biotin pills and castor oil are slowly but surely working. I take one biotin pill per week (any more than that and it has a negative effect on my skin) and apply a small mixture (a pea-size amount) of castor oil and coconut oil to my scalp two evenings per week. There’s no stickiness left when I wash it out the next morning, but I do have to be careful to not pull more hairs out due to the stickiness of the castor oil. After a couple months of this routine, not only are there new hairs along my hairline, my hair is also growing more quickly. It’s such an awesome feeling when I go in for a haircut and the hairstylist expresses genuine shock at how long my hair has gotten!

If your local salon carries SureThik, don’t be shy to ask them to try it out on your hair. This stuff has really made a big difference in my life and I’m so happy my hairstylist mentioned it so many years ago. Good luck to those of you who are in need of some hair help, and please feel free to leave a comment sharing details of your own hair journey!

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