Pros and Cons of Being a Sensitive Person

Those of us who have been told we’re “too sensitive” or “highly sensitive” often struggle with what that means, but the truth is, there’s nothing wrong with being a sensitive creature! In fact, it can become our strongest asset in certain situations, like when we’re trying to be empathetic with others or need to rely on our intuition to make a decision. Where it becomes our downfall is when we wrongfully take things to heart, which can lead to self-doubt.
I often catch myself taking things personally when I really shouldn’t. For example, I’m aware that the majority of my closest friends and family members don’t read my blog posts. Admittedly, that’s partly my fault for not being consistent with how often I post, but sometimes it feels like an unspoken sentiment that they’re not interested in what I have to say. Less sensitive people might immediately understand that daily demands and pressures take up too much time, leaving little room for perusing random blogs written by non-professionals, but that’s not the first conclusion we sensitive folk would come to.

Being a sensitive person as well as a somewhat observant one, I tend to spend a lot of time noticing peoples’ attitudes and behaviours. When someone becomes absorbed in their phone while I’m still talking to them or carelessly cuts me off mid-sentence, it doesn’t go unnoticed. It irks and insults me, but mentioning it might offend them, so I don’t say anything. Thus, they remain blissfully unaware of how rude they’re being and I’m the one who ends up feeling bad about the situation!
If you recognize some of these feelings, you probably already know that you’re a Sensitive Sally. This means you worry that trying to explain your feelings makes you sound like you’re complaining and you understand the need to make sure you’re never in anyone’s way (as well as the internal frustration when others aren’t as conscientious). You may also understand what it’s like to feel guilty for feeling sorry for yourself in the first place, especially once you realize that most people are unaware of how they make us feel. But there’s a difference between being fair to oneself and being self-centered, so as long as we respect that, we’ll be fine. 🙂 Actually, we’ll be more than fine – this article explains five awesome advantages of being a sensitive person. Remember those things the next time someone says you’re too sensitive!

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